Made in Photoshop.

Clouds Photo by ©Jeannie Belgrave.



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2 responses to “Swing.

  1. Hi Andrew, I love what you are doing with your creative gift. I respect your work and love the fact that you are from Holland (beautiful country, people, language, food, etc). I tried to find another way to contact you but did not see a link. The composition above is impressive, very clean, and inspiring. However my creative friend, you used one of my pictures and did not credit me for it nor ask permission to use it. You have also modified it by adding other images on top of it. As creative people, we need to be an example to others and request permission from artists before we can use their work. I would not use your creative work before asking your first. Here is the link where people may see the picture in its original form. http://jeanniebelgrave.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/above-clouds-50-size-photo-jeannie-belgrave.jpg

    Please, credit the picture above with my name or make reference that you have taken the picture from the link above. You are welcome to continue to explore more of my photography. May you find yourself interested in another picture of mine, please, remember to ask for permission first. Thank you for your understanding. Who knows?, we might as well exhibit in a gallery together one day.

    We have been given the gift of creativity. We must use it wisely and in friendly terms. Leading by example makes us better creative people.

    Here is another link of mine:


    Jeannie Belgrave

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